918Kiss(Scr888) Online Casino Soccer Safari Slot Game

918Kiss(Scr888) Online Casino Soccer Safari Slot Game

The Slot Game of 918Kiss(Scr888) 2010 World Cup of Football in South Africa may be well in our past, but you can still relive some of the glory of Africa’s first ever hosting of the showcase event in the sport by playing Soccer Safari. This quirky, 5-reel, 30 pay line game from 918Kiss(Scr888) Casino will put you in the heart of the wild footballing action with its unique theme that adroitly fuses the beautiful game and the animal kingdom.

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918Kiss(SCR888) Soccer Safari Slot Game description:

With animals playing football, animals commentating on football and animals enjoying football as spectators, you might feel a little out of place here, but take our word for it – it’s just a matter of few spins before you will feel right at home playing this fabulous slot loaded with free spins and bonus bounties!Let’s enjoy the 918Kiss(Scr888) Slot Game of Soccer Safari!

918Kiss(SCR888) Soccer Safari Slot Game description:

918Kiss(SCR888) Tips : Soccer Safari Slot Game

With the cheetah keeping the nets safe and an all-star team of buffaloes, jackals, rhinos and hogs trying their best to score, the officiation of the match has been passed down to poor zebra. The crowd of hungry hyenas is getting restless to see some solid footie action, while a cheerleading team of pretty antelopes is setting the vibe. All we need is a word “go” from the commentator and people, we have a game on!

918Kiss(SCR888) Tips : Soccer Safari Slot Game

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Download 918Kiss(SCR888) Free APK Tutorial

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