918Kiss(Scr888) Casino Lucky Koi Slot Game

918Kiss(Scr888) Casino Lucky Koi Slot Game

Lucky Koi is an 918Kiss(Scr888) online slots game that combines the serene beauty and tranquil charm of a traditional Japanese koi pond with the high-powered excitement of a modern online slot machine. It has brightly coloured images from the koi pond, 5 reels and 25 paylines, wild and scatter symbols, two bonus games, and big slots jackpots.

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918Kiss(SCR888) Lucky Koi Slot Game description:

Lucky Koi is a video slot game designed by the 918Kiss(Scr888) Slot Game team and inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics. The koi carps are traditionally thought to bring good fortune to their owners, and therefore can be sold at extremely high prices in Japan. Seize the unique occasion to discover a little part of Japanese culture and land a few cash prizes as you do so.

918Kiss(SCR888) Lucky Koi Slot Game description:

918Kiss(SCR888) Tips :Lucky Koi Slot Game

To emphasise the luck it can bring, the koi of this 918Kiss(Scr888) slot machine has been painted gold, a colour that is universally seen as a shade associated with wealth. Whether you’ll be receiving any riches is both down to you and the players return rate, but it’s unlikely that you’ll leave empty handed.

918Kiss(SCR888) Tips :Lucky Koi Slot Game

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