918kiss(scr888) How to Verify Your Mobile for Free RM15 Promotion Bonus

918kiss(scr888) How to Verify Your Mobile for Free RM15 Promotion Bonus

Thank you all for your support! This promotions has ended! Please follow iBET for more bonus!

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Now, you can participate in 2016 iBET Verify Promotion, verify your mobile, e-mail and wechat, you can earn up RM 15 for FREE!

How To Verify Your Mobile and Get Free 5RM? Let’s go to 918kiss(scr888) iBET Online Gambling!


Click LOGIN button and fill in account number.

( Not a 918kiss(scr888) iBET member yet? Learn more how to register iBET member for free )

scr888 Verify-Your-iBET-Mobile-for-Promotion-Bonus-Tutorial-1


Click PROFILE and check out your personal details filling completed or not.

scr888 Verify-Your-iBET-Mobile-for-Promotion-Bonus-Tutorial-2


Filling in the phone number and then press the button on the right field.

scr888 Verify-Your-iBET-Mobile-for-Promotion-Bonus-Tutorial-3


Please fill in your phone number and click “Send Verification”.

scr888 Verify-Your-iBET-Mobile-for-Promotion-Bonus-Tutorial-4


Please receive SMS verification code on your phone.

scr888 Verify-Your-iBET-Mobile-for-Promotion-Bonus-Tutorial-5


Key in your verification code and then submit.

scr888 Verify-Your-iBET-Mobile-for-Promotion-Bonus-Tutorial-6

You have verified successfully.

scr888 Verify-Your-iBET-Mobile-for-Promotion-Bonus-Tutorial-7


Congratulations for complete scr888 iBET Online Gambling mobile verification. scr888 iBET Online Gambling will give you MYR 5 in your iMoney immediately!

scr888 Verify-Your-iBET-Mobile-for-Promotion-Bonus-Tutorial-8

Learn more 918kiss(scr888) iBET Verify Promotion Tutorial:

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> scr888 iBET Online Casino teach you verify Wechat get free RM5!

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*For more information please contact 918kiss(scr888) iBET 24H Customer Service.


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