918Kiss(SCR888) Casino Bust The Bank Slot Game

918Kiss(SCR888) Casino Bust The Bank Slot Game

The 918Kiss(SCR888) slot game-Bust the Bank slot offers a breath of fresh air into the slot world. The reels are located within the walls of a bank safe and the symbols include a thief, a watchdog, the bank, an angry monkey, an armed police vehicle, an alarm clock, a female officer and a police officer. The game takes players away from the traditional pay line concept and still manages to offer them with 243 different ways of winning. The theme is centered around players joining a crew of thieves who try to pull off a successful bank robbery.

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918Kiss(SCR888) Bust The Bank Slot Game description:

Bust the Bank slot game allows you to easily convert your credits to coins. The number of coins you can wager depends on the size of the coins you select during the game. These will be then be converted into credits when you are finished playing Bust the Bank slot. It is possible to modify this feature in the game options. The credits you receive are in the currency you have selected.

918Kiss(SCR888) Bust The Bank Slot Game description:

918Kiss(SCR888) Tips :Bust The Bank Slot Game

The Bust the Bank slot offers players with excellent game play, an amazing number of free spins and exciting features. The free bonuses also feature random cash payouts which help you to increase your wins. The slot is definitely one of the best slot games out there and is a must for players wanting some robber and cop action.

918Kiss(SCR888) Tips :Bust The Bank Slot Game

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Download 918Kiss(SCR888) Free APK Tutorial

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