Hengheng2 Slot Game 918Kiss(Scr888) Jack in Box Casino

Hengheng2 Slot Game 918Kiss(Scr888) Jack in Box Casino

Jack in the Box belongs precisely to that category. This 918Kiss(Scr888) Slot Game video slot game follows a classic vintage slot game pattern with a jack in the box as its main character, so to speak. The rest of the game is very basic and follows the usual rules.

918Kiss(SCR888) Slot Game Jack in Box description:

As a game based on a 918Kiss(Scr888) Online Slot game, Jack in the Box does not really have any kind of backstory or powerful source of inspiration to draw from when it comes to its universe.As a result, the background is a uniform dark green tone reminiscent of a gaming mat. The reels and the paytable occupy most of the space available, with the game logo and the command bar towards the bottom of the screen.

918Kiss(SCR888) Tips of Secret Santa Slot Game

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918Kiss(SCR888) Tips of Secret Santa Slot Game:

Play Jack in the Box at Roxy Palace 918Kiss(Scr888) Casino As an easy to play 3-reel slot game, Jack in the Box is ideal for players of all levels to enjoy. The aim of the game is to match up symbols on the reels in order to win the prizes shown on the paytable. Additional game information includes the following:

  • The game logo is Wild, which means that it can substitute for any other symbols on the reels to make up winning combinations
  • This symbol is also a Multiplier – get 1 of these symbols and you win will be doubled. Get 2 symbols, and your win will be quadrupled!
  • Additional symbols include Cherries, 7s, 1-BAR and 2-BAR symbols
  • A range of coin sizes are supported, making this an affordable slot game to play
  • Remember – betting max will result in the highest payouts!

918Kiss(SCR888) Slot Game Jack in Box description

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