918Kiss(Scr888) Download Hole In The Wall Slot Game

918Kiss(Scr888) Download Hole In The Wall Slot Game

An awesome Hole in the Wall slot machine is developed by 918Kiss(Scr888) casino software provider. The theme of this 5-reel video slot is based upon the well-known reality show with corresponding title. If you are fan of this reality show, you will enjoy playing Hole in the Wall slot for sure.

Discription of Hole In The Wall Slot Game 918Kiss(Scr888) Tips  :

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With the TV gameshow on which this 918Kiss(Scr888) Online Slot Game is based – though if anything spinning the reels has left me intrigued to find out more. This is a 5 reel video slot with several unique animations and game features. There is a bonus round in which you’ll try to fit your avatar through a hole in a wall, and an interesting respin feature on the reels too. What I liked best about this game is the way the in-reel animations are handled, with shrinking and then expanding symbols, plus straps appearing on symbols in the winning combinations.

Hole In The Wall

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And it is surely the case for Hole in the Wall, a video slot game designed by OpenBet and based on a popular American TV show from the late 2010s, itself based on one of those crazy Japanese games we have all heard about. The goal of the game was to force contestants to squeeze inside a hole cut out in a moving wall to win a prize.

Hole In The Wall

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